Backup WordPress Blog To Dropbox + Plugins

Backup WordPress Blog To Dropbox + Plugins

Need backup solution for your wordpress blog. Then why not use the dropbox.In this article I will share a guide on how to use backWPup plugin. I have also included a video tutorial for better understanding of its powerful features. I have also listed out few of the excellent wordpress backup to dropbox plugins. The best part is, they all are free to use and they will also help you protecting your website from any hackers.

Here’s few things about dropbox. Actually its a web service which offers 2GB free cloud storage account for its users. You also get options to expand it to 16gb by referring other peoples. But if you still need more space, then you can simply buy it. The most important point is, that they offers SSL encrypted pages to its users. So its means your files will always be protect from any kind of unknown or malicious users.

Lets Backup WordPress Blog To Dropbox

Before going into the details, let me tell you little about BackWPup. According to me its the best automated wordpress backup solution for wordpress blogs or websites. It has so many options  and powerful features that you will just love it.

  • You can very easily set you frequency to daily, weekly or monthly.
  • You can set the date and time.
  • Your next step is to select the backup service. It can be Amazon S3, Google Storage, Microsoft Azure, Rack Space Cloud, Sugar-sync, FTP, E-mail and finally Dropbox
  • Then you need to select the different folders and files of your website. Simply select them and they will be ready for backup.
  • Select the most suitable type of compression technique to be used. It can be zip, tar, Tar Gzip, Tar Bzip2.
  • Then simply select the location or folder to collect the logs.

Backup WordPress To Dropbox Plugins

Below I am listing out few of the most amazing and powerful plugin which will help you protect your websites with taking any trouble. Now their will be no need to create any manual backups everyday inorder to be ready for future troubles.

What you just need is to install any of the available addon and then configure it as per you need. Set the frequency and time interval to create automatic backups for your wordpress database. Then finally select your desired service and everything will be done automatically, everyday, every time without any trouble.

WP Time Machine

One of the best free solution for creating backing up your complete blog. It has complete set of instructions to guide you on each and every step. Remember that, it will work only when your hosting server have PHP 5 or later installed.

It has the ability to send the files to dropbox account, Amazon S3, Remote FTP. With it you get ability to exclude the cache directory, and the tables in MySQL file which doesn’t start with table prefix.

  • Everything in WP-content files ( every uploaded folders )
  • MySQL database
  • Your htacess files
  • Shell script to help you in making your work automated.
  • Can compress in zip or tar formats to save bandwidth and space


WordPress SQL Backup

Another best option if you only want to protect your precious MySQL files. But it also have extended ability to compress the files in WP-content directory and to make their backup. It is very light yet very powerful plugin

  • Complete secured ( allows only administrator to make any changes )
  • Can send files to e-mail or dropbox account
  • Work very well with big blogs with lots of posts and contents in them


WordPress Backup To Dropbox

If you don’t want the daily manual work for protecting you blog’s data from those crappy hackers, then go with this plugin. Just chose you day, time, and set the frequency and you are ready to go.

It will automatically dumb your database, contents files into your dropbox account. Remember that no other services are supported.

  • Easy to install
  • Made for only one service
  • Daily frequency setup
  • Easy to use
  • Work great even with shared hosting ( and low memory consumption limit )


ManageWP Worker

It allows you to manage your wordpress based site or blog remotely. It’s completely innovative since it allows you to manage different sites from one single dashboard. I have added this into my list only because it allows you to back up your files to dropbox and other services.

Few of its features regarding protection are :

  • Scheduled jobs ( uses corn jobs to automate the work )
  • Up-time monitoring
  • One of the most used plugin in WordPress directory.


These were few of the plugins which can become the best backup solution for your wordpress website or blogs. They all are easy to use and offers complete compatibility with wordpress 3.5 plus updates. I wish you would have liked this article. If you still have any question related to this topic, then simply post it in the comment area. Till then enjoy yourself.



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