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Why Go For Digital Marketing Training?

Internet has become the biggest market of the 21st century, where out of such a big universe, just the eCommerce accounts business worth 1.5 trillion United States Dollars and its should touch 3 trillion US Dollars. Rest is not worth discussing here, as the this universe is growing and growing big every day, where early optimist started forecasting that the internet will eventually take over […]

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Blog to Improve Your Business

Blogging today is becoming a part of every business whether small, medium or large. It is therefore quite essential for every blogger to know as how to write a blog to promote your business? As blogging is an informational source for our readers but simultaneously you can use some promotional points within your blog posts to promote your business. You should not write completely promotional […]

Top Fan Base boosting Facebook Secrets

Like us on Facebook “or “join us on Facebook” is probably the phrases that every internet user come across frequently. In fact, Facebook is a fast becoming social media tool for branding. Facebook is a way that changed the trend we shop. Most businesses or brands these days are integrated with Facebook fan page, regardless of their business type; they try hard to get their […]

What is LinkedIn and how does it work?

What is LinkedIn? At LinkedIn ‘the more connections you have, the more you will be found’ With LinkedIn, you can standardize your information into predefined categories including ‘Profile Headline’, ‘Summary’, ‘Education’, ‘Company’ etc. Based on this information, LinkedIn search tool allows professionals to find the person they’re looking for and connect with it. LinkedIn has always been used as a source for employment, both from […]

Deciding the Niche in Your Online Marketing Plan

If your know your strengths and leverage them for your business advantage, then you’d have many choices.  You can simply choose an ordinary business where there’s lots of competition.  Identify the problems that are dying to be solved (I’ll cover this topic in the next step of designing your business).  Then design your business, based on your strengths, to solve the problems in the best […]

10 reasons why bloggers fail with Google Adsense

Adsense is one of the best ways to make money via blogging. Here are the most common reasons why people with Google Adsense on their blogs make very little money. Adverts are Placed in Places That Make The Site Look Ugly: Believe it or not, people are not clicking onto your websites or blogs in order to look at the adverts. They are not stupid. […]

5 Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing

Anybody can start a blog or website and start an affiliate marketing business with it, but not everyone can achieve success in affiliate marketing. You might be asking, why is this so? Well I have come up with 5 mistakes that people make especially new affiliate marketers which prevent them from succeeding in affiliate marketing business. To avoid all these mistakes, you first need to […]