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One of the major tasks yet one of the most significant aspects of getting high quality visitors to your website or your blog is through link building techniques or how much authoritative backlinks that your blog or website would have.

Why is it so important to get backlinks from high authority sites? Simply because without authoritative backlinks, there is no other fruitful method to enhance your search engine rankings, as quality content alone would not do it. Remember our old saying; if content is king then SEO has to be queen, no king could possibly live without her queen right? And so without traffic there is no engagement which inevitably means no sales… and making money online would be a complete nightmare…

So now that I’ve outlined my thoughts on the importance of backlinks, below I’ve compiled a none-technical or jargon filled list of 30 reputable places, websites and blog on the big bad web, where you can get massive backlinks to your website or your blog.

Note: If you don’t already use the web browser FireFox it’s highly recommended that you do, along with SEO4FireFox.

Web 2.0 Blogging Sites

The list below is a list of top web 2.0 property websites, or more commonly known as blogging sites that pay you to have your content on, through Google AdSense and other various affiliate programs. The other BIG advantage of using these blogging sites is that they’re all do-follow, which means getting awesome backlinks from them. If you’re into guest posting, consider these sites as a more powerful alternative in many ways, as they have a much higher Google pagerank and Alexa traffic rank.

  1. HubPages
  2. Squidoo
  3. InfoBarrel
  4. Flixya
  5. Triond
  6. RedCage
  7. BrightHub

Article Directories

Article marketing is still very much alive; although perhaps not as effective as it once use to be, since Google started clamping down on duplicate and poor content sites. The only valid reason in my mind as to why so many people now believe that article marketing is dead, is because for years many bloggers and marketers alike, were exploiting the rules of ‘unique and original’ by carelessly publishing the same article they were using for article marketing to many other article sites… The end result was a web filled with regurgitated crap. However if done correctly submitting to article sites can still be a powerful way to get great backlinks.

  1. EzineArticles.com
  2. GoArticles.com
  3. SelfGrowth.com
  4. IdealMarketers.com
  5. ArticleDashboard.com

Social Networking Sites

If you have a Facebook page make good use of the notes section, as it acts a little like a blogging platform. More over Google actually indexes and ranks these Facebook pages and notes accordingly, however you don’t actually get a physical do-follow backlink. With Google+, whether you have a personal page or business page or maybe both, ensure you create the best possible ‘about page’ as you can, adding your appropriate anchor text link back to your blog or website.

  1. Facebook Notes
  2. Google+

Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. Digg
  2. Reddit
  3. StumbleUpon
  4. Twitter
  5. Delicious

Blog Network & Community Sites

  1. Bloggers.com
  2. BloKube.com
  3. Blogengage.com
  4. Blogster.com
  5. NetBlog.com

Blog Directory Sites

  1. Bloggeries.com
  2. OnTopList.com
  3. Blogged.com
  4. GlobeOfBlogs.com
  5. BlogCatalog.com
  6. Technorati.com

Do-Follow Guest Post /Commenting Blogs

Here is a couple of do-follow blogs that you might want to consider reading and commenting on, as well as consider guest posting on. Guest posting is by far the best way to get SEO quality backlinks to your site.

  1. ComLuvNetwork.com (Guest post blog)
  2. ProBlogger.net (Blogging tips blog)
  3. TechnShare.com (Marketing & blogging tips)
  4. NetChunks.com (Webmaster & blogging tips)

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