How to Build Natural Backlink to Your Blog in 5 Steps



The task of building natural backlinks has become a lot more difficult after Google has brought their Penguin algorithmic update. Actually Google says that you should never build backlinks on your own. In other term, you should create such quality contents that automatically attract other website owners and fellow bloggers to create inbound links with your post or blog.


I know it’s difficult for many of you.

What Is Natural Backlink?

Bloggers and different webmasters will links to your article or homepage if they like your content, your explanation and your expertise in particulate field. This type of link building is known as natural link building and it truly need a lot of dedication.

One another important point is that, these types of links can be dofollow, nofollow, anchor text-based or without them. These link may originate from, bloggers who are in the same niche as yours ( which usually happens ), or from those who are not in your niche. It can come from news websites or from one day old blog. There is simply no limitations.

Google have already told that they can very wisely differentiate between natural and unnatural links.

So How to Build Natural Backlinks

The first 4 methods listed below are not going to help you build natural backlinks directly. But they can surely help you do so and will also gain you some extra exposer.

  • Guest Posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Commenting
  • Request
  • Superior Content

1. Guest PostingI think it’s the best and the most efficient way to build natural backlink to your blog along with dofollow relative tag. You can use anchor text or direct hyperlinks. You have complete control on your article and wording. And you don’t only get links but you also build up audience for your blog.

Always try to write posts for high pagerank sites or for those blogs which have high authority in your concerned niche. You can drive lots of sudden and sustainable traffic. And with this overflowing blog traffic you can build extra audience, subscribers, email list or can utilize for other purposes.

There are many websites which allow their authors to add byline in the end of their article. And some even allow their guest bloggers to connect their social networking profile to the post. All this simply provides you with extra exposer to blogging world. Overall you can use guest blogging for SEO.

2. Forum Posting For Link Building

It’s another best and free way to build backlink. Forum posting is usually very easy and simple to perform. You can easily write more than 30 to 50 forum posts every hour. It’s the simplest way to get more traffic and more subscribers. With every post you write you increase the chance to get more visitor. But remember that for putting links in posts you have to write few of the verified responses.

There is no need to find common interest based forums sites for natural link generation. But here are few of the example: For SEO, webmaster can go to Google webmaster forum, webmastertalkforum; for designers there is world’s biggest designer community devianart, for WordPress developers there is official WordPress forum.

There are so many forum sites, but most of them are nofollow. But they may provide dofollow links from signatures. Go through the

3. Commenting Helps Build Connection

It is one of the biggest source of traffic for my blog according to Google analytic. But the problem which arise here is how to select blogs to comment.

Personally I pick three words for a day and just conduct a search on Google. Say my words are blogging tips, WordPress magazine themes and linkbuilding. All the sites which come in the first 5 list in all the three searches, I just put the comment on to them. I wish they approve the comments. In almost every 10 comments, 1 comment contains the links from my inner article.

There are many blogs which give dofollow links to their top commentors. Always try to give genuine response. Read article, dig out the mistakes and correct them. This will help you get recognized by community. The best place is mashable, The Huffington Post, problogger, copyblogger.

There are certain sites like 1stwebdesigner, problogger where even juts one approved comment can bring hundreds of visitors. But just remember that you should get established as a regular commenter. This will help you a lot and please never try to spam on any of the sites.

4. Request

I usually get many links request. But most of the request comes from those blogs, which are not in my niche. And linking to such sites may cause unnatural link building penalties from Google panda.

Before asking for any link sharing you should first have very well and established blog with at-least one or two page-rank. Now try to ask for link sharing with those bloggers who are in your niche. This will prevent any kind of unnatural links penalty.

Never share any of your links with those bloggers who have backlinks from black-hat sites or p0^n sites. This will just harm of domain name to the hardest level. Remember that I am not asking you all to join any kind of link exchange programs or link farms.

5. Superior Content Means Super Backlinks

As already said, people will come to your site if you have good content. And they will link to your articles or homepage if you have extraordinary content which really attract linkback. Below are few of my tips.

  • Always try to use good images and videos to make your post interactive.
  • Always use correct pronunciation and wording.
  • Don’t ever try to copy anyone’s content.
  • You may use their idea and frame your own sentences.
  • Use easy to read wording and always be clear and direct.
  • Never ever use words like p0^n, f*^k, s#x, go to h””l in your articles.
  • Also try to keep you article length more than 1000 words, since Google loves lengthy content and also rank them higher.

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8 Awesome Places to Get Monster Backlinks Fast

Where can you really get some great authoritative backlinks to your blog? Building backlinks to your blog or website consume time, in fact lots of time. Guest blogging, directory submissions, blog commenting, social bookmarking, doing article submission to web 2.0 property sites, forum commenting, engaging on social network sites etc all can be the most time consuming. After all we only have 24 splendid hours in a day, you sleep at least 6 hours of those and you are left with 18 hours to build your online empire… Well I only need 6 hours of sleep I don’t know about anybody else…

So this week we’re talking about link building and moreover different ways to build a ton of authority and unlimited backlinks to your blog. Asides doing the above regular stuff mentioned i.e. blog commenting and guest posting etc, where else can you get high quality authority and unlimited backlinks?

Well my friends, below are 8 top sites you can get on right now, right this minute even, to start building not just Google ‘ass kissing’ backlinks, but also build new connections and tap into a ‘whole new traffic source’ and bring a whole new audience to your content.

Let’s take look 8 places to get monster backlinks and traffic to your blog.

8 Awesome Places to Get Monster Backlinks Fast

  1. was first introduced to me by my good friend after listening to one of her awesome podcast shows. Since then I’ve been hooked to scooping interesting and resourceful content related to my blog niche, content from my blogging friends and of course my own content.

Signing up and getting started is so easy and you can do so with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you take a look at the screen grab below, you’ll now see that now tops the list of most links back to my blog, with over 3,000 inbound links.

Content curation is awesome fun and if you want to learn more on how to get the most out of for traffic and build backlinks, check out this video Ileane produced below –

  1. Storify

Storify is another powerful and popular way to curate your favorite content and share it with your social connections all in one place. The site allows you to build followers as well as follow others who are interested in reading and sharing your content. Once you’ve signed up and added the Storify bookmark tool to your web browser, it’s easy to start curating content from your blog or your favorite blogs.

Storify allows you to connect your account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare which is great for making new connections. The great thing about Storify is that the links you share are do-follow, so you’re getting some good link juice. You can signup to Storify using Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Pinterest

If you haven’t come across Pinterest yet then you really must have been living with your heads up in the clouds. Pinterest is a fast growing popular pin-board photo sharing site, and from a marketers perspective it’s a valuable tool for promoting your blog via image sharing to more than 11+ million people. If you haven’t already done so, simply sign up for a business account and complete your profile with your unique bio and a link back to your blog.

When promoting content via your blog always try and share interesting and sharable content (images and videos). Don’t forget to include the link back to the source in the caption and image description (your blog post) and include some #hashtags. Don’t forget to keep tabs on which types of content are being pinned and shared the most by visiting


I think most bloggers out there have come across at some stage or another. I’ve been using the site since mid-2010 and have built quite a large following and shared a lot of awesome content on the site, which in turn has provided my blog with over 3,000 backlinks. also provides my blog with a steady flow of monthly referral traffic, but the great thing about is that it’s not just a great place for getting backlinks, but also a great place to engage with other like-minded bloggers, grow a loyal following and increase readership to your blog, as well as gain valuable user ratings.

You can join here if you haven’t already done so.

  1. Chime.In has been around for a good few years though I accidentally stumbled upon the site by trying to access, which no longer exists and now redirects to is a little bit like where you can build a following, join communities that you’re interested in and share links to content on your blog as well as content from other sources. Other users can then like, share, leave a comment and save your content in favorites or even add your shared Chimes to their storyboard. With you can also share photos, videos and even polls, see below.

  1. is another awesome automated content curation tool and an essential link building tool. publishes around 200 million articles per day and is an absolute must-use content marketing tool any serious blogger. Your content sources does not just have to come from your RSS or the web alone, but also Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

As well as a good source for backlinks, is great for increasing your brand awareness and blog traffic.


If you use Twitter to help promote content on your blog and increase social engagement as you should be, then you’ve got to check out It’s a great site and one that has helped me generate over 3,000 backlinks to my blog. As well as this the site has also helped me to increase Twitter followers. You can register to use using your Twitter account.

  1. StumbleUpon

Finally we get to good old StumbleUpon, an old school social tool and one of my all-time favourite and most used social bookmarking sites, and a valuable link building tool.

Like anything, consistency will get you results and if you use Stumbleupon, ensure that every post you publish on that blog of yours gets shared on StumbleUpon. You should also check out SU.PR and connect it with your Facebook and Twitter page, SU.PR is a ink shortening tool for StumbleUpon which also allows you to share your discoveries with other social sites (Facebook and Twitters) as well as schedule your posts.

StumbleUpon accounts for around 850 inbound links to my blog.

Well I hope that’s enough food for thought for now and these sites will help you discover new ways to ‘get monster backlinks’ to your blog. Make the most of them as most of them are completely free and invaluable. As always if you have any tips, ideas or suggestions you’d like to discuss please leave me a comment below, I look forward to engaging with you, in the meantime, have a great week.

6 Ways to Improve Your Internal Linking Strategy

One of the most significant elements of on-page SEO is creating quality ‘human friendly’ anchor text links to other areas of your blog or website.  Let’s face it internal linking is a powerful strategy, and seldom talked about tactic at the same time.  And it is also a tactic that is often used for three vital reasons –

  1. To promote other areas of your website or your blog as we mentioned
  2. For improving ‘user experience’
  3. For improving your website’s SEO

In this short and sweet post I want to share with you 6 simple yet powerful ways to improve your internal linking strategy for your blog or website, so let’s dive straight in.

6 Ways to Improve Your Internal Linking Strategy

  1. Create a map of your website (Sitemap)

A sitemap makes the job of the search engines much simpler, by letting them know what pages (posts too if a blog) are available to crawl.   You should consider creating a ‘visible sitemap’ so your visitors know exactly where they are on your blog or website, and also make it easier for them to visit and explore the most popular pages of your site. Apart from easy navigation of your whole website, it also creates internal link structure for your whole website. One should create both the sitemaps that is .html or .php from users point of view and also .xml sitemap that is essential for search engines point of view. I will explain about the sitemaps in detail in the later chapters to come after completing the Google Webmaster tools chapters.

  1. Make use of your footer section

Many people believe that the footer section of a website or a blog is no place to put anything important these days; well I beg to differ on this matter. Just take a look at the footer of this blog also where you can notice internal links of my pages.

The footer section has its many uses… If someone likes your content enough that they read all of it, chances are they’ll have also made it to your footer section, assuming that there is little between the end of your blog post and your footer section.  So take this opportunity to add several anchor text links to other interesting pages on your site.  If however they don’t like your content, then there’s a problem that perhaps needs addressing fairly quickly.

  1. Link the right keywords to appropriate posts and pages

Whether you use single keywords or long string phrases to do your internal linking for your content, ensure you’re making your anchor text links more effective by linking them to the relevant posts and pages (content), share the link juice of your high traffic posts with other relevant content that you want to promote on your site.  Don’t forget to add variety in your anchor text links, and let people know where the link will take them by using attributes. You might have noticed on my blog as well that i am continuously creating an internal link whenever i find a keyword in the article related to my previous posts.

  1. Link to your landing page

If your blog or website has a landing page promoting a particular product or has a ‘call to action’, which I’m sure it will have, then you should consider creating valuable links to that landing page too, again preferably from other content relevant posts and pages.

  1. Let visitors know where they are

Look at your site’s main navigational menu and ensure that your visitors never become lost on your site; getting lost on a site spells bad news.  Add your top performing categories, pages and posts to your main nav-bar also with the right titles.  Also as an added tip, don’t use too many categories and tags, and if you’re using WordPress for your site, ensure that you have ‘breadcrumbs’ enabled to let your visitors know exactly where they are.

  1. Install a ‘most popular posts’ plugin

Finally, if your website or blog is powered by WordPress find a good plugin that will help you to display the most popular posts on your site; this can really improve your internal linking strategy.  Something simple but powerful like WordPress Popular Post plugin should do the trick. Just take a look at the bottom of this blog and you will find some related posts links that are essential to create strong internal link building structure.

So just too quickly recap the points we’ve covered.

  • Create a sitemap and a visible sitemap
  • Make good use of the footer section
  • Link the right keywords and phrases to related content
  • Link to your landing page as often as possible
  • Improve your navigational links so that your visitors don’t get lost
  • Install a reliable ‘most popular post’ plugin if you’re using WordPress

Follow these 6 simple steps to improve your internal linking strategy for your website or your blog.  Best of luck to you.

Making Investments in Dividend Paying Stocks in Stock Market

Stocks that consistently pay dividends (even better: stocks that consistently pay consistently increasing dividends) should by all means be included in your investment portfolio for a variety of reasons. In addition to the obvious added value these holdings bring to your portfolio (to be discussed below), on average, dividend-paying companies tend to earn a higher annual return than non-payers and, in general, consistently outperform the market. Whether or not a stock is a net payer is a good macro indicator of its stability, value and ability to perform, making these stocks prime picks for long-term portfolio retention; if the stock pays a consistent dividend, you’ll benefit from capital appreciation and enjoy the dividend as an extra bonus.

Stock Market Training and Stock Market Course from Delhi Institute of Computer Courses will enable to you to learn in which stock you should invest your money and how you can make ultimate profits from the market.

If you decide to invest in paying stocks, your gain is maximized if you resist the temptation to spend the dividend; instead, reinvest the dividends back into your portfolio, compounding your return. Letting such dividends contribute to funding your investment account is a sure and smart way to increase the chances of building a portfolio you can comfortably retire on, because the earnings are reliable; hold these stocks for the long-term, and enjoy both asset appreciation and the dividend, which can serve as a hedge against loss, inflation, and other value-deteriorating risks.

When choosing dividend-paying stocks, looking for those that pay consistently, and that consistently increase their dividend, is not enough: the real gems are those that might be temporarily undervalued. Periods of market volatility are an excellent time to scoop up some paying stocks on price downswings: if the price continues to fall, the dividends are your hedge against loss; when the price bounces back, you’re a double winner. If you’re already experienced in investing in the stock market and have developed the habit of performing solid research, you should be well-positioned to identify dividend-payers to watch: good buy candidates are stocks with historical performance in pace with the market and strong balance sheets. Look for those whose payout, albeit consistent, remains at a level that leaves sufficient earnings within the company to fund operations and growth, since paying out dividends to the extent that the company jeopardizes its ability to continue to invest in itself is short-sighted and self-defeating. If the company can find the right balance in how it handles its earnings, it optimizes its ability to operate and promote growth in a healthy manner. Wait for the downswing and when the market moves in your favor, place your buy order.

It’s an accepted principle that over time, shareholder-friendly dividend-paying stocks consistently outperform non-payers. While the rate of growth of net payers might seem anemic as compared to some of the market’s darlings, the value of reinvested compounded dividends cannot be underestimated. Sound investment strategy includes the purchase of paying stocks as part of a healthy and diversified portfolio, particularly if you’re investing for income. Hold your dividend payers for the long-term, and enjoy the gesture of loyalty that the issuing company is making toward its shareholders each time you receive a dividend check.

Ethical Hacking Importance and Why You Should Choose To Be an Ethical Hacker

The world we live in today seems to be very dynamic and it has been continuously bombarded with a bunch of technologies every day of the year. It is never happened in the entire human history where the world has witnessed such rapid changes and such an instant evolution. All of a sudden, the world around us has started turning digital and it started to be considered as the age of digitalization and information. Nothing on this planet left untouched from the epidemic of digitalization and on the course it has changed everything about the things we do in our daily life. It has changed the perception and our outlook towards the things of our daily life, including a few as banking, shopping, travel and leisure etc. But as it has been said by great thinkers in the past “bigger opportunities will always bear the bigger price” and thus such advancements has come on a very hefty price where it has left a room for high vulnerabilities which has ultimately spared a huge room for dark willed hackers to target and take a wrong advantage of it.

But to counter such events, it takes a very unique breed of hackers who are highly skilled and trained and posses some good values unlike the dark willed hackers. In our world, they are called as “ethical hackers” and they guarantee the safety of our very important information which can be available through many sources in digital form. Now, the term “ethical” means “morality” and thus these ethical hackers are employed by various organisations to undertake all the necessary measures for information security.

The importance of ethical hacking can be realized by the sense of urgency where so much of important information lies on the Internet web and this channelled information accounts for the most important form of data which includes from the banking to personal information of the millions of people. Besides, there are number of Government agencies that manage and keep a record of various data from end number of groups and individuals of the country. In short, any unauthorised access to such data can create a situation of catastrophe and panic. To ensure this information security, it gets highly important for any organisation to be proactive and facilitate the advance securities.

It is hard to say if any system or organisation across the world is hundred percent secure and can’t be breached. As with thousands of updates are introduced in software, everyday, it actually needs a very dynamic approach to ensure this security. Here the importance of the ethical hackers comes in prominence and their role can be highly important.

Ethical hacking is actually a means used by various organisations around the world to explore different kind of vulnerabilities and other discrepancies in the information network security. This can be conducted by a very skilled and experienced pair of hands who sometimes refer as an ethical hacker. But let’s try to understand the role and importance of ethical hacking in today’s world and why some should choose the ethical hacking as a mainstream career option. Below are few points which can cover the role and importance of ethical hacking and it needs your proper attention to understand it because if you have not come across any situation as such till now, you might come across tomorrow:

Vulnerabilities and Security Risks: the process of ethical hacking comprises of various emerging tools, which can continuously put a test and checks on the information systems. It helps in reducing the various kind of security risks associated with the flow of information around the web. These days where everyone carries all the important day to day stuff online which can vary from managing various bank accounts, other financial transactions, shopping etc. All of these activities are carried by your important details and passwords. Just one single discrepancy could lead someone into a very serious trouble. These ethical hacking tools helps the banks and other server centres to keep a tight check on the security and it also makes sure to implement and execute the various strategies to avoid any other further security risks which can arise in typical situations.

Tools Identity: The process of ethical hacking also ensures an organisation to identify the various tools required in order to progress the process. Every system is different and each level of security can be managed by different channels. Now, in case of security breach, an organisation should be equipped enough to prevent any such event and without such tools it can be difficult to avoid it. The process can also suggest various updates required in the existing tools of ethical hacking.

Improvements: With the help of ethical hacking, it can describe the need of the new and fresh development of the existing programs, codes and software and by doing so; it can help to make them better and more efficient.

Public Security: Ethical hacking can be highly important to Government bodies, where the threat of various kinds of international security attacks exists at all times. Many illegal organisations exist around the world which gives some serious hindrance in government functioning and their sole purpose is to create an environment of chaos and panic. These organisations pose very serious threat to the various government bodies. Ethical hacking has been proved as benchmark in avoiding such nuisance and maintaining a healthy and proper functioning of the government departments. These days government has started recruiting a large number of ethical hackers who provide their assistance in various roles departments such as Police, Army, PSU banks and financial institutions etc.

Now, as you have come to realize about the importance of ethical hacking and its vivid implications, would you consider picking ethical hacking as your mainstream career option? If yes, then it is very important for you to understand the various prospects attached with it. Like every field, the career in ethical hacking also provides the platform for various prospects, where your proficiency can land you in a suitable government job or you may choose to join private companies. Besides, the day is not far when the need for ethical hacking assistance will be required more than ever due to the rapid growth of digitalization. Here are few points below about the career prospects of ethical hacking which you might consider before choosing it as your future career:

Private Organisation: Ethical hackers have a very good scope in private organisations who deals Information Technology, Banking, Data Collection and Data Protection, Stock Brokers ETC. These organisations have started recruiting the ethical hackers on a very lucrative pay packages. Information security has become one of the most major issues of twenty first century and this has led the industry to boost a very high career prospects and you should, certainly, try your luck in it.

Government Assistance: Government consists of a very large number of bodies which embodies and execute the various functions of the state. With so much of data and information exists in the hands of government, It is a matter of very high responsibility. Government ensures the Information and Data security by taking an external assistance from ethical hacking agencies and simultaneously by recruiting their own ethical hackers to prevent and avoid any issues of information theft or manipulation. You may apply for the various jobs in government departments who conclude the various Information Technology functions of the government. Here you can find very good career option with a good payday and perks.

Ethical hacking Agency: Everyday, you must have come across various people who are dressed up with common uniforms and you must have seen them performing their duties at the building you might be living in or in the malls where you go for shopping. These people are generally the building security and they have been deployed by some agencies. Likewise, you may choose to start up your own ethical hacking agency where you may provide your assistance to various companies at a time and can charge a very hefty fee for that.

Freelancer: By any chance, if you are not hired by any private or public organisation or if you are left behind to grab any government opportunities then this is still not the end of the road for you. You may choose to work as a Freelancer where you may still earn a very good living by simply providing your assistance to many companies or agencies on hourly basis or other temporary contracts. Being a freelancer you may put your own terms and conditions and can decide your preferred working hours where you can still manage to earn the fat paycheques.

Get Ethical Hacking Training or Complete Information security Training in Delhi from

How to Choose the Best Institute to Learn Ethical Hacking

In recent times, the world has experienced a tremendous pace in almost every aspect. No matter we talk about technology, education, lifestyle, infrastructure etc. the outlook has drastically changed. But recently, when the digitalization has started to appear on its pinnacle, the need for Information security has also seen a massive growth and thus a new breed of professionals evolved who are the masters of the Internet and Information security, known as “Ethical Hackers”. But it takes a very specific training, tools and set of skills to be a professional ethical hacker. A skilled ethical hacker is capable of creating miracles on the internet and computers, where an ethical hacker can actually act as more than a bodyguard and could save you from a mountain of chaos and troubles. But if anybody wants to choose the ethical hacking as a profession then where he/she should learn it and if the institutions are capable enough to mould you into a skilled professional ethical hacker? Well, no matter where you live and where you aspire to learn ethical hacking, there are few points you should care to remember before taking ethical hacking education:

Institute/School Reviews: Before joining any ethical hacking program at any institution or school, the first thing you should do is go for a proper background check. Try to read the reviews and testimonials about the Institute and then you should consider going and reasoning with the Institute. A few reviews and testimonials can actually help you in short listing some ethical hacking Institutes from a bunch.

Curriculum and Modules: Upon short listing the institutes, the next step you should follow is to go to these institutes one by one and gather all the necessary information, from brochures to course modules and various other curriculums. Once you have gathered the necessary piece of information, try to compare them with each other and then find out which one seems to be more suitable for you.

Counseling: Upon finding the couple of suitable institutes after a proper comparison, you should ask for a proper counseling from these chosen institutes and try to speak everything you have in your mind. It is always better to speak your mind, frankly. The counseling will provide you all the necessary insights about the institute, course, job and placements, career options etc. You should also ask for a demo class where you will come to understand the teaching patterns of the trainers of the particular institute. Once you are through with counseling, demo classes and other information gathering process, you should simply give yourself the time of a couple of days. In this time, try to think on your own on where to join and if you are not able to make up your mind then you should talk to some elder or experienced person. That person can be your mentor, sibling, family, friend etc. Also, you should not worry much about fee as you will only have to do the course once in a lifetime. So, don’t take any decision in an apprehension where you end up choosing the cheaper institute. Once you are prepared with all such queries, all you need to join the institute and become a professional ethical hacker. A great world of opportunity is waiting for you. All you need to do is ‘take a step’.

Need For Ethical Hacking Training in Delhi

Running a business online today is not a simple task today as there are lots of hackers and crackers around looking to enter into your website, database or accounts and gather your confidential information. This sort of activity is known as Hacking and there is a requirement to stop it. In order to stop hackers and crackers to leak out your personal information you must implement proper security to your digital assets. Delhi, the capital of India is also full of hackers and hackers and in order to stop those hackers to gather your personal information, you must know all the methods to secure your digital assets. The people who learn hacking in order to secure himself or herself is “ETHICAL HACKER”. The threat to security and data lost creates the demand for ethical hacking training in Delhi.

Who is an Ethical or White Hat Hacker?

An Ethical hacker is a person who enters to your system or files in order to know that how much security you put up to stop the black hat hackers. Ethical Hacker identifies the level of protection and security to an IT system. Ethical Hacker enters the system with permission and also suggest the ways to any IT department that what sort of more security methods that they should employ to stop the black hat hackers worldwide. These Ethical Hackers are experts in the field of computer security and well trained to penetrate any kind of system, find out the vulnerabilities and also suggest ways to remove those vulnerabilities.

In order to properly secure the digital assets the candidates needs to go through Ethical Hacking training programs. Companies in Delhi and also worldwide recruiting people in order to check out how much secure their systems are. Through rigorous ethical hacking coaching program, students can gain the knowledge about complete information security and can also check out for different loop holes in a system. There are many institutes today who are offering certified ethical hacking training programs and Delhi Institute of Computer Courses is one among them. It has already trained lot of students in the field of computer security.

Does Article Marketing Still Working In SEO

I just saw an video by Matt Cutts, and it seems that he don’t like article marketing. So Does article marketing still working in 2015, when term of SEO has been changed by google. Since long time this method has been used by companies and almost every blogger for generating dirty free backlinks. But as Matt is head of Anti-Spam department of google and if he hates this process, then their must be a discussion.

Panda And Penguin : Keep’s an eye

We all know about Google Penguin and Google Panda. Panda’s work is to check that, every searcher have best experience with website listed on the search result page. Panda takes care of page layout, site response time, navigation, validation and many more. But Google Penguin’s work is to remove spam sites from the search results or to degrade their ranking. It checks for content, backlinks, keywords and many more.


But before seeing the reasons that hurt your SEO, you must have question, Should I trust this person ? So the answer is see the results : My blog without article marketing and the results after I started I started this process.

Unique Article Sharing : I am posting unique contents to squidoo, hubpages, articlesnatch, goarticles, ezinearticles. All of them review your article within hours and so the content is published as fast. You start getting the visitors from the links. You can see these posts, they will surely help you choosing the right place to post.

Techniques to apply for Article Marketing

So does article marketing going to make your site exposed to Google penguin. The answer is YES and NO. Ok now let me explain you :

Yes because, you are using the following methods and Google hates them.

  1. Content spinning
  2. Submitting to those directories which is not connected to your niche
  3. Using exact Title for linking, and no variations
  4. Linking only domain name and not content
  5. Sending automated search queries
  6. Using black hat tools

Now the ” NO ” Lies here.. And also the answer to how prevent Google Penguin :

Content spinning :

This is the process of creating multiple articles from one single source. The articles created are unique and they will pass copyscape but not google algorithm. In order to create good contents, I also do the content spinning. But the process is manual. Instead of using some software which generate the content by clicking spin or generate, use tools like best article spinner or spinner chief.

Don’t just copy article from one source, copy content from two to three sources on same topic. For example : WordPress seo, wordpress seo plugin, wordpress seo tools. Grab them from, ezine, articlebase, goarticle and then spin them manually.

Don’t submit your articles to all the article directories. Its important to know, whether they offer you the category which is related to your article.

  • Don’t use exact keywords to link your post.
  • Make variation, use two to three words to create small sentence and then link it with your own blog post.
  • Always make sure, generating backlinks for only homepage won’t do good, but if try to generate backlinks for each post. This will create more effect on search engine. ( Remember to create article on same topic as your blog post is, else it will cause unnatural links )

Don’t ever use software like senuke, senuke x, zenno poster or wiki poster. These software even provide options for sending automated search queries to Google. And Google hates this process. These tools involve all black-hat tactics and so using them, means you are harming your self.

Google panda also hates Article Marketing

The very simple answer to this question is that, around 1 to 2 years back.. every spam sites use to post all those rubbish contents on their pages generated by some spinners. Contents use to be unique but were not human readable, so this use to make visitors upset. But these spam sites use to rank very well on result pages. Because they had lots of backlinks from the directories.

Time has changed. Everyone knows, if you want to be in market you have to follow your reders, visitors, users and customers.  And google don’t want to lose any visitor. So they upgraded their algorithm with Panda Search Quality Results Upgrade. This killed all those spam sites, but it doesn’t means article marketing is dead. This upgrade helped to server better results to Googlers. Now the sites with good content and with good quality backlinks are ranking higher.

Test yourself : Does Article Marketing still works for better SEO

Ok if its concerned to SEO, then its always better to test the settings yourself. You can setup up any test blog.

  • Just register for any domain name and make sure to include your keyword in the beginning
  • The second step is to add description ( make your new blog focus on less competitive market ).
  • You can use tools like Google Adword Keyword suggestion, Insight, Trend. Analyses the market and set up your description and keywords.
  • Use good theme framework, which should be lightweight and please don’t setup any ads their.
  • Write at-least 2 times a week and create at-least 10 backlinks to each post from article directories and also submit it to social networking sites.

If you are able to rank 1 for your domain name and link, then the process is working fine. But if not then you have to leave it. Also check your blog post whether they are ranking on google or not. Be specific with your work and also be straightforward while writing the blog post. Write minimum of 550 words in each of your post. So within 3 months you will be writing around 24 blog posts. If you get good results, then you can transform it to your permanent blog. But the test should be carried out with the interval of 10 to 14 days.

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I wish I was able to help you with article marketing. Remember that I have myself tested these process and I can say it works for me.

Tips For Affiliate Marketing

Regarding affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the name of a type of electronic marketing in which a firm or business rewards multiple or one affiliate for each and every customer or visitor brought by the marketing efforts of each of the affiliate of the business group. Affiliate marketing is a widely used and popular mode of internet marketing, all over the world.

There are various methods used for this type of marketing such as pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) , sms marketing, internet marketing, e-mail marketing, open advertisement, etc. This is one of the most economical, cost-effective as well as beneficial modes of marketing for the promotion of any type of products or services. Success can be achieved by affiliate marketing by following certain affiliate marketing tips for beginners.

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Market research

Extensive market research is required for any type of marketer to promote and sell his services and products, locally as well globally. Before selling a particular product in any market, the marketer should research about the current market condition and demand for that particular product in the local and global market.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every business firm has its own official web site. The customers and clients can reach the company through these web sites. Thus, these sites must be well-designed and highly optimized. Search engine optimization is the process by which a commercial web site is updated and connected with customers across the globe. More updated and optimized the web site is higher in the position of the site Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners for Business Growth And Succession various search engines on the internet.

Web site designing

A well-designed web site always draws more visitor traffic towards it.

Web site content

The content of any web site is the king. Any commercial site with good content writing naturally attracts a huge number of visitors towards the web site. The content should always be written in a very simple language and in an interesting manner. The visitors must get proper and detail information of what they are searching for and what information they want.

Social networking

Various social networking sites on the internet like twitter, facebook, etc. are very good mediums for effective marketing of products and services by e-marketing. Thus, it can reach millions of customers, worldwide.

Blogs, forums and chat windows

By making of blogs, forums and chat windows on the sites help in direct interaction with the customers 24*7 hours.

The ultimate aim of any commercial web site is to convert the visitors into customers for sale of products. E-marketing is the way to do that.

The beginners can apply all the above-mentioned methods for affiliate marketing since the methods are not tough and does not require any specialized knowledge.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

Applying affiliate marketing tips for beginners, anyone can market his business by proper positioning of the newly launched products in the market. Online marketing is much cost effective than offline marketing of products and services. It does not require any money for hiring separate marketing executives. One can market his products by himself. Direct interaction with national as well international customers can be done online, without any travel expenses of front to front marketing.


Affiliate marketing tips for beginners is hugely popular among young and aspiring entrepreneurs all over the world. They can start and market their business by this process. They can also include more and more affiliates to their business through online interactions with interested people

People can also affiliate business partners from overseas in affiliate marketing. By following affiliate marketing tips, business can be grown very rapidly throughout a nation and even abroad. Therefore, it is one of the most beneficial procedures for marketing in the modern age.

Stock Market Speculation

With little or no exception, investors looking to make a profit in the stock market research a stock’s value, seeking to identify stock picks that will grow over time and enhance the investor’s portfolio and net worth. Whether they analyze and vet their potential stock picks by focusing on P/E ratio, on book value, on cash flow or on revenue, the investor incorporates some sort of analytical methodology into their decision making process and in doing so, relies on their knowledge, judgment and experience.

In contrast to investors, stock market speculators are unconcerned with value and instead, focus simply on the short-term gains to be made by purchasing and quickly flipping their stock holdings. True speculators have no need to understand an issuer’s fundamental business, industry trends or future prospects, rather, they focus on volatility, volume and share price without regard for additional corporate information. Volatility and liquidity are their mantras as they troll the markets for quick cash-generating opportunities, their buy orders causing an increase in the share price of the targeted stock. In this respect, the contemporary day-trader embodies the modern personification of a classic stock market speculator.

Pure stock market speculation typically causes more negative than positive market effects; in fact, it is usually only the individual speculator, if anyone, who experiences any positive benefit from his speculative activities. The increased liquidity introduced into the market through speculation is fleeting since by definition, speculators seek to realize their gains and remove their cash, with profits, from the markets. Once this occurs, the markets tighten, and the issuing companies rarely derive any benefit from the change in beneficial share ownership. Further, any increase in share price that may have occurred as a result of the bubble caused by increased speculative trading activities soon corrects itself shortly after the speculator has taken his profits out of the market, causing the bubble to burst and the remaining shareholders to experience a decrease in their share value. In its most extreme forms, rampant speculation, with its corresponding removal of cash from the markets, is unsustainable and can lead to market crashes of the type occurring in both 1929 and 1999-2000.

It’s very rare that an individual retail investor can succeed in making a profit on speculative trading activities over a prolonged or sustained period. Inevitably, because speculation implies the lack of research or due diligence into the particular target stocks  or into  the market factors affecting their movement, the retail investor will at best lose their profit and at worst, lose not only their profit but their initial capital as well. Unless you are an experienced day trader with a track record of success and thorough knowledge of how to quickly flip your holdings, you should avoid engaging in stock market speculation. Speculative trading should be left to the large institutional traders, such as hedge funds and mutual funds, who control the movement of a significant portion of market assets through their automated program trading and thus, will always outperform the retail speculative investor. Concentrate instead on building asset value by investing in stocks for longer term growth and enjoying the benefits of ownership over time, such as dividends and stock splits.

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